Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Very much like

Actually I was planning to post this entry a day after my birthday, which is on 11/12/2010. Its already a month and I just got this opportunity to do this entry. So busy with work, life and macam-macam, entah apa-apa lagi.

Anyway, last year birthday I didn't get any gift from my dear hubby. Actually, I did, it was a Blackberry Bold in advance. Tapi being me, I want a gift too on my birthday. Tak bersyukur betul lah. I love December. You know why? Because I get 2 gifts every year, wedding anniversary and birthday gift. :) My wedding anniversary on 9th December, was my 5th Anniversary. My hubby gave me Coach wristlet and teddy bear and flower. T_T. The Coach wristlet he bought on the day, he asked me to choose as he's afraid that he will choose the colour or design that I dont like, being his lovely wife, memang agak cerewet. Kalau tak suka, memang takkan dipakainya, so kesian lil' hubby, so he asked me to choose, anyway. The flower & teddy bear was a surprisedfrom him. Camner lah tak sayang banget kan. Send to the office, so suka sangat. Blushing gitu bile dapat from delivery man yg anto. Thank you darling.

Last year, my birthday fall on Saturday and coincidentally, it was his bestfriend wedding in Rembau. My dear hubby booked Thistle Hotel in PD for our short vacation cum birthday present. Lovely. Perfect birthday gift I've ever had.

I love the hotel, the place and the beach. Yes, I know, some of people not prefer the PD's beach. But I was surprised when we saw the beach, its so beautiful and fascinating. So calm and so clean. The air so fresh. I wish I could stay another day. Tapi next day dah kerja. What to do...

Enjoy the pictures k. Malas nak explain....korang faham-faham sendiri boleh tak?

Ada movie theatre tau, tuk kids. Special for kids. Masa tu ada cite Power Rangers.

Merenung masa depan.

Santai abis minah ni.

View from kids pool.

Melalak tak nak naik.

The lobby.

The lobby again, and the lil' maid in thisle.


* kata tak nak explain....


Eti said...

wow!! hebatnya celebrate birthday!!! happy belated birthday ya!!! thistle nie best kan???

Unaizah said...

Sooo sweeet!! Senang je kan nak amik hati isteri tp kekadang tu sang suami tak reti-reti nak belajar.

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