Monday, January 17, 2011

Gratitute List

My list for today, Monday, 17/1/2011.......I wish today will be a good day for me, as for the past few days, not-so-good-week for me. My house renovation matters, my unstable emotions, workplace, etc. I wish I am billionaire....macam lagu Traviee McCoy. Hari-hari aku gi holiday, shopping, goyang kaki, main-main dgn Danisha.

Here goes my list...not so best list!

1. Teh tarik + wholemeal bread for breakfast
2. Sorting
3. Call travel agent - quite pissed off!
4. Take a deep breath! Go away stress!
5. Google potty training for girls...
6. - KUL-London-KUL, boss may i have 1 free return ticket please?
7. CNY cards for boss's friends! Hundreds of them! pergghhhh
8. What for lunch?
9. Work
10. Balik rumah lah!

Ya Allah, please, bless me with a good day today! Amin.


Unaizah said...

Hope everything goes well for you. Have a great day...

Joy said...

happy monday ayu...hmm nk wat gak la..tunggu ye ;)

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