Monday, January 11, 2010

sok dah setahun

pejam celik, pejam celik......dah setahun saya berblogging. cam tak caya. bior betul. dulu suka baca blog org. tak terpikir nak buat blog sendiri. hantu betul blog ni lain ada, kite pun nak juga ada sekali. orang lain buat itu, ini kat blog diaorg, kite pun nak buat sama. kuat tul penangannya.

at the first place, i was thinking to just write a simple story or to share some opinion based on our on going life. on my simple life as a mother, wife & muslimah. but, the most important matter is, be truth. be honest. just be yourself. that's the matter. u can make your blog interesting by adding up some spices by sharing your thought or joke or anything. i admired some blogger whose really a good writer. definitely, nuffnang melambung lah dek non kan.

apa-apa pun...tomorrow my dear friend is going to turn 1. thank you for always at my side.


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