Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What would you do if.......

What would you do if you had witnessed infidelity of your friend's husband? Or You had witnessed your husband's infidelity?

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I just can't stop thinking about this issue last night. Yesterday, I was seating with my friends, gossiping, chatting and exchanging stories about our life, our kids and what happen to the world now, cam politician lak kan. One of my friends told us about her neighbour. Her neighbour had a daughter about same age with Danisha, and currently pregnant with 2nd baby. It happened one day, during lunch hour, the wife and a few colleagues went to her house and soon after they enter to the house, the wife and her colleagues found out that her husband cheating with another woman making love on her bed.

The story made my jaw drop. I am speechless and we were shocked to hear this. I just could not believe it. My friend said, I never thought to hear this, like kind of a drama swasta je. I guess, all the drama swasta had gotten the idea based on this true story. What would you do if you were trapped in this situation? I could not imagine the wife's emotion. what if it happen to me? I dont know what to do. I kept thinking of it...really bothering me the whole night.

The couple had divorced and the wife sell the house including the bed and most of the things in that house. I would do the same, I guess...nauzubillah. Minta jauh lah perkara ini terjadi. Kami semua terus diam. Mungkin masing-masing berdoa agar dijauhkan lah keadaan sebegitu dari terjadi kepada keluarga kami dan Mohon ALLAH perlihara jodoh dan keluarga kami. Semalam pun, baca entry kat blog Screaming Mommy about divorce. Seram sejuk dibuatnya. Yang kelakarnya, after that, terus memasing call & sms husband. To spot check, I guess. Sekarang kita kata husband kita baik, setia. Tapi 10, 20 tahun akan datang bagaimana? Jangan kata 10 tahun, baru berusia setahun jagung perkahwinan pun dah berlaku kecurangan. Takut mendengarnya.

Mudahan Allah perlihara keluarga dan jodoh dikekalkan hingga ke akhir hayat. Amin.


Eti said...

Oooh heaven forbid! This would be the last thing any woman would want to experience in their marriage. If I were in that poor woman's shoes, I'd do exactly like the scene in that Whitney Houston's movie Waiting to Exhale - I would gather all the idiot's clothes and belongings and dump it in his car, and torch it!!! And then kick him out of the house! Baru puas hati!

CiKaYu said...

kesian kan that lady, pregnant pula tu.

ERMAYUM said...

we will never know dear until we when we lie down on our bed death :) - true - we can be mushy but we need to be realistic as well - be ready we women of today :)

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