Friday, August 21, 2009

Personal recommendations still the most trusted!. are you agree?

This morning, i read one interesting article from Malaysian Reserve dated 28th July, 2009. TNC, the survey company, has conducted The Nielsen Global Online Consumer Survey of over 25,000 Internet consumers from 50 countries, showed that 9 in every 10 internet consumers worldwide (90%) trust recommendations from people they know, while 7 in every 10 (70%) trust consumer opinions posted online......well, can see you how the internet/mouth-to-mouth does to our life/community?

jgn ckp org lain, cite pasal saya lah ye...saya memang senang terpengaruh dengan personal experience i.e from my family and frens. bagi saya bagus pada diaorg, memang baguslah pada saya. sebab mereka telah menggunakkannya dan saya percaya pada testimonial mereka. yang kedua, saya juga mudah terpengaruh dengan blogger. sama juga alasan saya mereka telah menggunakannya. however, different people, different view. anda bagaimana pula?


ted said...

saya pun sama :)

btw i've changed by blog addrs.

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