Tuesday, October 6, 2009


today, danisha is 1 yr and 4 months. she is getting bigger and heavier as i hold her everyday. nowadays, she is become naughty, cheeky sometimes and sometimes i can't handle her tantrums. it seems like just yesterday i push her out from my stomach to see the world. and now she has become my lil adorable girl. whenever i look at her, especially her eyes, it will remind me of her late brother, arwah danish. i always close my eyes to imagine that she will be playing with her brother, get fight with him over the food or toys. whatever sibling does..... ooo...sometimes i couldnt hold my tears whenever i imagine that moment. danisha is suppose to be the replacement of my lost...and she is, the love of my life.

and last night my hubby propose to have another child. since danisha almost 2 yrs old and it is the time to add another member in our family. perhaps, boy. insya'allah. amin. please pray for me & hubby to have a boy in our family...or another girl so that danisha will share her toys with her sister.

to danish...mama & baba luv you always. tunggu mama & baba di pintu syurga ye sayang!


C.e.t.O.t said...

saddis pulak cerita ko ... sedih lak aku. keke.. nak2 plak dalam english... jadi formal2 gitew.. haha

C.e.t.O.t said...

lupe lak nak menyampok... so ni kilang dah beroperasi semule la ye.. keke... good luck!

CiKaYu said...

not yet at the moment. tungguuuuuuuuu

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