Friday, October 28, 2011

Favourite coat??

I seldom wear jacket to work, comfortable with 2 pieces, even, the policy in my office is required 3 pieces, you know jacket/coat/blazer, shirt & pants or skirt. But must be 3 pieces. Its a must!The example as below...

Love the hair...

Monsoon just started, heavily rain in the afternoon....sampai malam. Malasnyee nak bangun the nxt morning to work. So, quite freezing in my office, due to centralized aircond, tak leh adjust langsung....Ggggrrrr....... I dont have much collection of coat... i might say a few, but not more than 5 pieces, and most of it old-school, or can I call it vintage?? One of them is complimentary from my office which my name is written or embroidered inside, so I cannot sell the coat.

Lets see whats IN top 5 personal favourite.. 

 so vintage...
ala-ala Victoria Beckham??
lovely pink!!
haiihss....bile nak dpt body cam Kim ni     


Ermayum said...

body cikAyu pun lawa juga :)
jom edward in 2 weeks :)

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